Manufacturing Services

All our manufacturing capacity at the disposal of engineering companies from different sectors

The production plant in Zumaia includes several fully equipped industrial buildings, with more than 30,000 m2 of covered workspace, and the more than 30 machining units among others.


A mechanical reference workshop of the European Atlantic axis

Our plant in Zumaia is a center of excellence in the manufacture of large mechanical equipment. After a long trajectory of several decades it has become a mechanical reference workshop of the European Atlantic axis. So many years of experience manufacturing equipment of our own design for the steel industry has allowed us to open ourselves to other sectors and offer our capital goods Manufacturing Services to other engineering companies.


Great capacity to integrate industrial processes

Under the supervision of our Project Managers we integrate in our workshops the necessary industrial processes to deliver the fully finished piece or equipment to our customers in accordance with specifications and agreed delivery deadlines. And for those exceptional cases in which the specifications exceed our internal capacities, we have the support of a large number of partners and other companies that usually cooperate with us.